21 week Periodized Cycling Program  (PCP) - This once a week, 75 minute in duration class is designed by certified USA Triathlon and Cycling Coach Heather Haviland and lead by certified coaches while OFF the bike.  These classes provide cyclists of all levels to train indoors with purpose and structure. Training intensities are determined from both an initial power ramp test and a time trial done within the first few weeks of the program.  As fitness increases additional tests are performed to determine performance changes throughout the 21 weeks.  Classes will offer a combination of coaching software to work on fitness and with “road” courses to continue to improve fitness levels while learning how to maximize one’s shifting.    Each class builds on one another in an educational and fun environment.  A guarantee to improve your cycling fitness.  


21 week Periodized Cycling Program divided into 3, 7 weeksSame program as above, however this class offers the option to join in one, two or all three of the cycling training emphasis

  • Monday November 7th through December 19th – Technique, Endurance & Strength focus
  • Monday January 2nd through February 13th – Technique, Sweet Spot & Power focus
  • Monday February 20th through April 3rd – Technique, Threshold & Vo2 focus 


Roller Class - A 4-week hands on clinic to learn to ride the “rollers”. During the 4 weeks you will learn how to get on to the rollers and stay upright, take one hand off, take a drink, shift and even stand. Those of you using aero bars, will be able to get down into your aero bars.  


Velocause (VC) – Private workout session and open to ALL current Velocause team members. 


Juniors – This class focuses on the needs of younger riders. In addition to a work out riders will be taught technique, skills, and other useful information to be a proficient cyclist 


Yoga- as you get ready to bring you riding indoor for the winter, it is great timing to add yoga to your weekly routine.  Whether you are new to yoga, just getting back on your mat or are an experienced yoga practitioner, join us Monday evenings either after a recovery open ride or just for YOGA. A regular yoga practice can help improve strength both on and off the mat, improving flexibility to areas that get overly tight while in the saddle or in an office chair.  Through asana practice, breath work and intention yoga can help with areas that cyclists tend to have trouble with:  tight hips, tight hamstrings, tight backs.   Yoga helps maintain and develop a more fluid and balanced pedal stoke.  Not only can yoga bring more balance to your life, to your riding, it is also beneficial in prevention of injuries.  


Join certified yoga instructor and cyclist, Kelly Steinberg, this winter and see what yoga can do for you on and off your mat, and in and out of your saddle.  New for this year, a private room to help minimize distractions so you can focus on your mat.


Performance testing - These tests are done the second week of each month, the week of November 7, December 5, January 9, February 6, & March 6.  Ramp tests are done Thursday’s at 6am OR 4pm and 20-minute tests are done Saturdays at 8:30am

  • Ramp test (MAP, Maximal Aerobic Power test), comprises of a progressive step test, testing maximal effort and is the quickest way to establish an accurate FTP number. 
  • 20-minute time trial, for riders wanting a more complete power profile and to not only confirm the derived FTP number from the ramp test but to get a bump in your fitness levels. 



Course Rides – Ride on a road course, utilizing your own shifting and allows you to ride at your own pace and intensity. 


Specific Workout Rides on the kickers - Designated days of the week for specific workouts to include Vo2, threshold and all systems sessions


All Women’s Wednesday Ride – This class is open to all women.  A challenging 75-minute workout will begin the session followed by clinic on subjects including Bicycle maintenance, pack riding etiquette, and more 


Mornings with Mack (MWM) - A semi-coached periodized class where the coach is on his/her own bike doing the workout alongside the cyclists all in a purposeful and fun environment.  To establish accurate intensities to train from bi monthly testing is strongly recommended and is at an additional fee


Specialty Class Prices

  • 21-week Periodized Coached Class                      $399.00 for the 5 months, or 5 payments of $89.00
  • 7-week Periodized Coached Class                        $149.00 per 7 weeks
  • 4-week Roller Class                                             $125.00 per 4 weeks
  • Open power testing                                             $20.00 per test or $30.00 for both test         
  • YOGA drop in’s                                                    $15.00
  • YOGA 3 visit pass (Expiration date of 2 months)     $36.00
  • YOGA 5 visit pass (Expiration date of 3 months)     $50.00

Open Cycling Prices (these classes include Course Rides, Specific Workout Rides on Kickers, All Women’s Wednesday Ride and Mornings with Mack

  • Drop in’s                                                              $15.00
  • 5 visit pass (Expiration date of 2 months)             $60.00  
  • 10 visit pass (Expiration date of 3 months)           $100.00
  • Monthly Unlimited                                                $99.00
  • Monthly Unlimited, Under 23 years                       $49.00

Bike Storage $75.00 for the 5-month season or $20.00 per month (first priority will be for 5-month season) only 50 spots available



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