Coaching and training options

At Milwaukee Cycling Center we have many training options to fit your needs as an athlete. From a single workout or test to daily feedback and analysis, we can help achieve the results you want. 


Drop-in- $15 

Pick any class, stop by and try it out. From interval workouts to easy course riding, there is a ride that's right for you.  


Monthly Unlimited Membership- $99 monthly (6 month membership- $87.50 monthly) 

Allows basic access to use our facility and equipment and join any of our indoor or outdoor workouts and skills rides. 


Continental program- $300 (for 2 months) 

This is an 8 week program that designed around 3 workouts per week the help the athlete arrive at a higher level of fitness. This basic plan can be planned around your goals, events, or in succession with another program. Testing will be provided at the beginning and end of program to track improvement. The athlete will have full access to our facility and outdoor rides in addition to planned rides. 


Continental Pro coaching- $250 monthly 

Package is for an athlete that want to work with a coach and have access to our facility and classes as well as our outdoor rides. A Custom training plan is provided to the athlete on a daily basis, with feedback and comments. MCC fine tunes your plan to help you meet your goals 


World Tour Coaching- $400 monthly 

Package is designed for an athlete with greater needs. With all of the benefits of the continental package, the World Tour package addresses deeper needs with a more in depth plan and more face to face contact. Athletes will also receive a private training session each month.

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