CYCLE Strong

Cycle STRONGThis time-efficient training session is designed to improve strength, pedaling economy, and cycling power. Each session combines a 60-minute strength and power based, sport specific weight training session followed by a 30-minute leg speed workout on your own bike.  Increase your muscle fiber recruitment, elevate your strength and power, and ride faster for longer! Total class duration: 90 minutes, 6-week sessions.  


Pre-Requisites: Minimum of 1-year consistent cycling and strength encouraged.  Cadence sensor required (ANT+ preferred) - Wahoo cadence sensors available for purchase


Class is offered 3 times each week and is recommended a minimum of 2x/week, and 3x/week for maximum gains


Days and Times, Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays*: AM & PM sessions

  • Monday/Wednesday 5:30-7:00AM OR 6:30-8:00PM, capacity 8 athletes
  • Saturday 8:00-9:30am, capacity 15 athletes 

Session Dates

  • Fall Session - November 12th through December 22nd
  • Winter Session I - January 7th through February 16th
  • Winter Session II - February 18th through March 30th


Cost: $269.00 per 6-weeks, ride up to 3 times per week or for ONLY Saturdays for $125.00 for 1x/week for the 6 weeks


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