Cycling and Run

Single Sport - Cycling or Run

A minimum of 5-month commitment

New Athlete - $50.00 one time set- up fee charge to be included the first month of coaching.  Bike and Run evaluation to determine current efficiency and make any needed changes.


Both levels include:

  • Individual one on one meeting to start the coaching process
  • A summary of athletes personalized goals and the priorities of the training season
  • Customized annual training plan based on athlete’s goals, life and race schedule
  • 2-week personalized training schedule to assure appropriate training load and recovery with detailed description of workouts
  • Assistance in developing race pacing and nutrition plan(s)
  • Self-testing to reassess workout intensity – to include current bike wattage/power zones and heart rates and run pacing (McMillan sheet) and heart rate zones
  • Bike or Run workouts will be based on current heart rate, power zones and/or pace


INTERACTIVE COACHING - $200.00 per 4-weeks


  • Bi-monthly analysis and feedback on athlete’s heart rate/Garmin & power files
  • 2x month 30-minute meeting via phone prescheduled and preferred to be a set time
  • Unlimited email access to coach typical response in less than 24 hours
  • Race plans and race recap reviews at the time of phone meetings
  • One on one in person meeting 2 weeks before “A” race, an additional meeting to summarize A race and to determine future out of season focus.
  • A Premium Training Peaks Account with full access to upload and log training along with messages to coach


CUSTOM COACHING - $150.00 per 4 weeks


  • 1x month 30-minute meeting via phone prescheduled and preferred to be a set time
  • Weekly communication of feedback through Premium Training Peaks account
  • Race plans and race recaps available for self-review

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