Cycling Classes


OFF Season Periodized Cycling Program  (PCP) - This once a week, 75 minute in duration class is designed by certified USA Triathlon and Cycling Coach Heather Haviland and lead by certified coaches while OFF the bike.  These classes provide cyclists of all levels to train indoors with purpose and structure. Training intensities are determined from both an initial power ramp test and a time trial done within the first few weeks of the program.  As fitness increases additional tests are performed to determine performance changes throughout the 21 weeks. 


Classes will offer a combination of coaching software to work on fitness and with “road” courses to continue to improve fitness levels while learning how to maximize one’s shifting.    Each class builds on one another in an educational and fun environment, a guarantee to improve your cycling fitness.  Classes start the week of October 30th and end the week of March 31st for a total of 21 sessions (no classes the week of December 25th) 


Days and Times:

  • Wednesday 6:30-7:45pm
  • Thursday 5:30-6:45am OR 5:30-6:45pm


Cycle STRONGImprove your cycling economy, endurance and power - This 6-week time-efficient training session is designed to improve your pedaling economy, rapidly and efficiently increasing the longevity of your cycling power. 


Each class combines a 45-minute leg speed workout on your own bike, followed by a 45-minute strength and power based, sport specific, weight training session.   Each 6-week session will add power output to your cycling endurance, increasing your “tool kit” for next year’s cycling season.  Increase your muscle fiber recruitment, elevate your power, and ride faster for longer. A maximum of 8 riders per class.  Pre-requisites: A minimum 1-year of consistent riding, no prior strength training experience needed and a working cadences sensor on bike, ANT+ preferred, also available to purchase a Wahoo cadence sensor.   


Class is offered 3 times each week and is recommended a minimum of 2x/week, and 3x/week for maximum gains


Days and Times, Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays*: NEW! AM & PM sessions

  • Monday/Wednesday 5:30-7:00AM OR 6:30-8:00PM, capacity 8 athletes
  • Saturday 8:30-10:00am, capacity 15 athletes 

Session Dates

  • Fall Session - November 13th through December 23rd
  • Winter Session I - January 8th through February 17th
  • Winter Session II - February 19th through March 31st


4-week Hill Climbing, this unique class will help you learn how to properly use your gears and cadence to improve your strength on the bike as well as your technique climbing and descending hills.  This 4-week program will build on the 21-week Periodized Cycling Program, however all riders are welcomed!  Held the next 4 weeks after the end of the PCP 21 week program (April) 


Days and Times:

  • Wednesdays April 4th through 25th 6:30-7:45pm
  • Thursdays, April 5th through 26th 5:30-6:45am OR 5:30-6:45pm
  • Saturday, April 7th through 28th 7:00-8:15am


Cycle/Core:  A 90-minute coached class combining cycling and core work to improve your ability to put more power into your pedals. You will become a more balanced and an overall stronger rider. Each class starts with a 60 minute ride focusing on technique, cadence, and shifting on an open road course teaching you to maximize your gears and prepare you for outside riding. The last 30 minutes will be spent working on core strength. This 8 week session is a perfect complement to the 21-week Periodized Cycling Program.  

Maximum class size: ONLY 8 cyclists.


Days and Times, Mondays 5:30-7:00pm

Session Dates

  • Session I January 8th through February 26th
  • ​Session II March 5th through April 23rd


Cycling, 4-part Series, be ready for the 2018 racing season to begin!  This special 4-part, 1.5 hour Saturday morning cycling session is ideal for the cyclist or triathlete that wants to gain knowledge and the tools to build cycling fitness in the OFF-Season but cannot commit to a weekly coached session.   Sessions take place on the computrainers. 


2nd Saturday of each month. 1.5-hour session 6:45-8:15am

  • December 9th – Overview of pedaling economy, power and heart rate training and how to maximize indoor training. 
  • January 13th– 20-minute time trial, receive training intensities for future training
  • February 10th – Specific workout off the coaching software based on current FTP
  • March 10th – 20-minute time trial re-test

 To maximize the benefit of the series is it recommended to attend all 4 sessions, however can purchase drop in's.  


Introduction to Indoor Cycling - This 4-week, 1 hour class is designed for the cyclist that is new to indoor riding.  One of MCC's Certified Cycling Coaches will guide each rider through the basics of training on your own bike while riding on a computrainer.  This will include: proper set up on the computrainer, how to efficiently sit on your saddle, pedal cues to maximize gearing and additional tools aiding in successful indoor training.  After the 4 weeks, you will feel more comfortable on your bike and understand first-hand the benefits of indoor cycling in the winter months of Wisconsin.  A minimum of 4 cyclists and a maximum of 8 riders per 4-week session


Roller Class - A 4-week hands on clinic to learn to ride the “rollers”. During the 4-weeks, you will learn how to get on to the rollers and stay upright, take one hand off, take a drink, shift and even stand. Those of you using aero bars, will be able to get down into your aero bars.  


Performance testing – 

  • Ramp test (MAP, Maximal Aerobic Power test), comprises of a progressive step test, testing maximal effort and is the quickest way to establish an accurate FTP number. 
  • 20-minute time trial, for riders wanting a more complete power profile and to not only confirm the derived FTP number from the ramp test but to get a bump in your fitness levels. 


Tri Wisconsin (TW) – Private workout session and open to ALL current Tri Wisconsin members.



Course Rides – Ride on a road course, utilizing your own shifting and allows you to ride at your own pace and intensity.  Offered at various times and days during the week and weekends


Mornings with Mack (MWM) - A semi-coached periodized class where the coach is on his/her own bike doing the workout alongside the cyclists all in a purposeful and fun environment. To establish accurate intensities to train from bi monthly testing is strongly recommended.  Days offered, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5:30-7:00AM


Out of Season Progression, for the cyclist - This 20 week program will improve your cycling economy and fitness with the goal to be “fit” when the outdoor season arrives. Training will be done on Wahoo Kickrs in a  non-coached yet structured format using PerfPro coaching software where the trainer controls the resistance and no shifting is needed. Each week will build upon the previous one.  The program is ideal for the racer or overall cycling enthusiast who has training  experience and an understanding of their data  There will be a several opportunities to do field tests including power ramp tests and 20-minute efforts to ensure training intensities are accurate.  Days offered Tuesday 5:30 am OR 5:30 pm.  The details of each phase will be out soon!


Specific Workout Rides on the kickers - Designated days of the week for specific workouts to include Vo2, threshold and all systems sessions


Junior Cycling Training, building for your 2018 season, open to ANY Junior rider (under 23 years old), Program is designed and lead by USA Cycling and head Junior ISCORP Coach, Phil Godkin and Assistant Coach Steve Jacob. Maximum of 15 riders per time slot.  Dates: 20 weeks, Sunday November 12th through Thursday March 29th


Days & Times:  

  • Tuesday 5:45-7:00pm, Computrainers 
  • Thursday 5:45-7:00pm, Kickrs 
  • Sunday 1:00-3:00pm, Computrainers -  Endurance ride
  • Includes all other open rides on the MCC schedule!

Junior Triathlon Training, Join Certified Triathlon Coach, Heather Haviland in a weekly training session held on Wednesdays, geared for the junior triathlete, ages 11-19 years old.  Each training session will consist of up to a 75 minutes computrainer ride followed by a 45 minute strength session geared towards the junior triathlete.  Begins, Wednesday November 29th.  Juniors can start at anytime! 


The purpose is about creating a safe, fun, encouraging and inspiring team environment, in which athletes can learn, train and compete in the sport of triathlon. These athletes will train to their age appropriate developmental stage, current condition, and experience and skill level to accomplish their individual goals. The training sessions will take place on a computrainer where NO one will get left behind. Each athlete will train at his/her own intensities and design to overall improve their cycling fitness and to become more comfortable utilizing their gears and more comfortable in handling their bike. Each training session will finish with a group strength training circuit to improve strength, power and address flexibility.


This group training will be geared for junior triathletes that are either doing drafting OR non drafting triathlons.


For those interested in draft legal racing, it is highly recommended to join the Z3 Junior Triathlon TEAM, but NOT required.*Z3’s vision is to become the cornerstone high performance junior development triathlon team in the Midwestern United States. Z3 strive to accomplish their mission by teaching life skills through sport).  Heather serves as the Milwaukee Hub Triathlon Coach for the Z3 Junior Triathlon Team. However YOU DO NOT need to be a Z3 athlete to participate in this program. 


Specialty Class Prices

  • OFF Season Periodized Cycling - $399.00 for the 5 months, or 5 payments of $89.00
  • Cycle STRONG - $249.00 per 6-weeks, ride up to 3 times per week and NEW offering sign up for ONLY Saturdays for $125.00 for 1x/week for the 6 weeks
  • 4-week Hill Climbing - $75.00 for 4 weeks or $25.00 drop in
  • ​Cycle/Core - $169.00 for 8 weeks, 1x/week of a 90-minute session
  • Cycling, 4-part Series - $100.00 for the entire 4-part class, drop in for $30.00 per session.   
  • Introduction to Indoor Cycling - $60.00 per 4-weeks
  • 4-week Roller Class - $125.00 per 4-weeks
  • Open power testing - $30.00 per test or $50.00 for both test         

Open Cycling Prices (these classes include Course Rides, Out of Season Progression & Specific Workout Rides on Kickers, and Mornings with Macken)

  • Drop in - $18.00
  • 5 visit-pass (Expiration date 2 months) - $70.00  
  • 10 visit-pass (Expiration date 3 months) - $110.00
  • Monthly Unlimited - $99.00
  • Juniors, UNDER 23 years, Monthly Unlimited - $59.00 (no contract) or Monthly Unlimited 5-month (contract), $49.00

Bike Storage  $75.00 from November 1st through March 31st, only 60 spots available

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