Junior Cycling & Triathlon Training

Junior Cycling & Triathlon Training, Join Certified Triathlon Coach, Heather Haviland and Cerfified Strength Coach, Thomson Remo in a 18-week junior periodized training program.   Weekly training session are held Wednesdays, and will be geared for the junior cycling and/or triathlete, ages 11-19 years old.  Each training session will consist of a cycling and strength session and is ideal for any junior cyclists preparing for any type of cycling racing and triathletes that are either doing drafting OR non drafting triathlons.  


DATES/TIMES: Wednesday, November 13th through March 25th  6:00-7:30pm, Juniors are welcome to join anytime, however there are a maximum of 15 trainers available

(no structure sessions for 2 weeks, December 25th or January 1st, however there will be other cycling opportunities with this break included in this program for those juniors that are around, so it would be a 20-week total program)  


Format starts with a 1 hour periodized cycling session followed with 30-minutes of strength 

  • Phase 1 - November 14th through December 19th
  • Phase 2 - January 9th through February 13th 
  • Phase 3 - February 20th through March 27th (juniors are encouraged to repeat the strength workout for a second time that week on their own)


Starting the first weekend in January an additional training day, either Saturday or Sunday will be added for up to 1.5 hours of more aerobic steady state efforts but still structured. 


The purpose is about creating a safe, fun, encouraging and inspiring team environment, in which athletes can learn, train and compete in the sport of cycling/triathlon. These athletes will train to their age appropriate developmental stage, current condition, experience and skill level to accomplish their individual goals. The training sessions will take place on either kickrs or computrainers, where NO one will get left behind. Each athlete will train at his/her own intensities and design to improve their cycling fitness and to become more comfortable utilizing their gears and in handling their bike. Each training session will include a group strength training circuit to improve strength, power and address flexibility.  


Cost: $69.00 per month (this would be an automatic payment) this includes unlimited open cycling for the junior as well so besides the specific classes they can join any other times when MCC has open riding which is over 15 scheduled sessions per week.   5 months, however last month, March is free.  So a total of 4 months are paid.  


When trainers are available, parents are welcome to ride along with a purchase of an open cycling ride or package. 


For those triathletes interested in draft legal racing, it is highly recommended to join the Z3 Junior Triathlon TEAM, but NOT required.*Z3’s vision is to become the cornerstone high performance junior development triathlon team in the Midwestern United States. Z3 strive to accomplish their mission by teaching life skills through sport).  Heather serves as the Milwaukee Hub Triathlon Coach for the Z3 Junior Triathlon Team. However YOU DO NOT need to be a Z3 athlete to participate in this program. 


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