New Athletes

Maybe you have done some indoor training sessions before, maybe you haven't. Our system always your workout to be tailored specifically to your ability and fitness. Your profile is entered into the computer and the trainer automatically adjust the resistance to your level. Workouts are time and interval based. another option is riding courses, this allows to group to ride or race together. 


What should I Bring?


  • You'll need to bring your own bike, road, cyclocross, or mountain bike. as long as it has 9, 10, or 11 speeds we can fit your bike to our equipment.
  • Your own riding attire. shorts, jersey or undershirt, shoes ect. a towel is also handy.
  • Water bottle and needed nutrition and hydration products


When Should I Show Up


  • For your first time, show up 10-15 minutes early and we can run through everything with you, get you into the system, and set up your bike. 

Submit Your Profile

Save time checking in for your first time by filling out the form to the left. Once scheduled on the website, we will make sure that we have eveyrthing set up and ready for you to use before you even arrive for class! After filling this out once, you’ll never have to again!

Ride with the Milwaukee Cycling Center this Season!


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