Open Cycling Options

Course Rides – Ride on a road course, utilizing your own shifting and allows you to ride at your own pace and intensity.  Offered at various times and days during the week and weekends


Mornings with Morrisey (MWM) - A semi-coached periodized class where the coach is on his/her own bike doing the workout alongside the cyclists all in a purposeful and fun environment. To establish accurate intensities to train from bi monthly testing is strongly recommended.  Days offered, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5:30-7:00AM


Specific Workout Rides on the kickers - Designated days of the week for specific workouts to include Vo2, threshold and all systems sessions



  • Drop in - $20.00
  • 5 visit-pass (Expiration date 2 months) - $75.00  
  • 10 visit-pass (Expiration date 3 months) - $120.00
  • Monthly Unlimited - $99.00
  • Juniors, UNDER 23 years, Monthly Unlimited - $59.00

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