Periodized Cycling Program (PCP)

OFF Season Periodized Cycling Program  (PCP) - This once a week, 75 minute in duration class is designed by certified USA Triathlon and Cycling Coach Heather Haviland and lead by certified coaches while OFF the bike.  These classes provide cyclists of all levels to train indoors with purpose and structure. Training intensities are determined from both an initial power ramp test and a time trial done within the first few weeks of the program.  As fitness increases additional tests are performed to determine performance changes throughout the 21 weeks. 


Classes will offer a combination of coaching software to work on fitness and with “road” courses to continue to improve fitness levels while learning how to maximize one’s shifting.    Each class builds on one another in an educational and fun environment, a guarantee to improve your cycling fitness.  


Classes will continued to be held at the new WAHOO KICKRS, for a smoother, more real read feel, and quieter.  No trainer tire is needed.


Days and Times: Classes start the week of October 29th and end the week of March 27th (no classes the week of December 23rd and December 30th due to the holidays) 

  • Tuesday 6:30-7:45pm
  • Thursday 5:30-6:45am OR 5:30-6:45pm


Cost: $449.00 for the 21 weeks, or 5 monthly payments of $99.00


Bike Storage is available for $90.00 for the season. Click HERE to purchase


To register for the 21-week PCP sessions follow these steps:

  1. Click HERE to purchase your class. 
  2. Click HERE to schedule your class, you can always move your times/days around as needed but for now put yourself into one of the sessions.  An email one week prior to the start of classes will be sent to review how to pull yourself out of the current session and put yourself into a different one.  

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