Strength for the Endurance Athlete

Strength training is a necessity in any endurance athlete’s plan.   The Milwaukee Cycling Center Endurance Coaches have teamed up with the Professional Strength Coaches of ASCENT Gym to provide a complete strength plan.  This plan will follow a periodized protocol to compliment your current endurance training program.  This will all be done in a small group format. 


Each 8-week session will be broken up into 3 phases:  endurance, strength, and then power with the overall emphasis to improve your core strength, maximize muscle fiber recruitment and to stress the central nervous system. 


The first day of each 8-week block will begin with an assessment of each athlete's current movement patterns to determine the type of exercises to be performed.  As proper technique will continue to be addressed throughout, you will be exposed to a variety of exercises and equipment to keep you challenged and motivated. The end goal is improved body alignment, posture, flexibility, strength, and power.


Each class meets 2x/week. .  A third session is highly recommended to be done on your own with the workout guidelines given at the end of each week.


Days: Mondays & Wednesdays

Time: 5:30 to 6:15AM OR 6:15 to 7:00AM

  • Session I - January 8th through February 28th
  • Session II - March 5th through April 25th

Cost: $125.00 per month for 2-45 minute sessions per week.


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